Sense Arena is a world leader in VR hockey training, offering one-of-a-kind training platform for both players and goalies that works to improve their Read and React cognitive skills, which are crucial for optimal peak performance. Our methodology, training plans and specific drills are developed in cooperation with top professionals, including NHL players and coaches, and leaders in modern hockey development.


Identification of areas for development generates personalised training plans.


Diagnostic testing, analysis and comparison to other players indicate the best performers.


Pre & Post-injury diagnostics enables the safe practice followed by a safe return to play.


Interactive drills in Sense Arena’s environment will help improve reaction time, play tracking, puck tracking and active hands. Measurable results help in the goalie skills development process.


Watch interactive videos from real training sessions of top hockey organizations. Experience the speed and skills of higher age players. Develop your release reading.


Develop your cognitive skills and concentration.


Grow your team’s athletic performance by employing brain training of Read and React based on our cutting edge technology into your training program.

Serve the demand for Read and React training
and install Sense Arena in your facility.

Differentiate your hockey program from others
by training with Sense Arena, a new brain training tool that is used by the NHL, NCAA and other top tier leagues in 8 countries.

Pre-book your space

Pricing will be unlimited use for £35 per month. Book your VR training sessions before you arrive and you can step right onto the ice!


Please note, families with multiple skaters will need a separate account for each individual family member.

It is possible to have different accounts assigned to one email address with different passwords.

Please email for more information.