Future pro sessions return in february 2024!
sessions will provide goalies with the training that is compatible with their current level but with a single aim – to improve and become a Future Pro hockey goalie.

Future Pro sessions


A Maximum of 6 goalies will be on the ice at any time and will be shot on by senior players.

The mission is to look after the Game, Mind and Body of an athlete not relying on a particular style of coaching but an ethos that is simply – stop the puck, win the game, stay healthy and enjoy the journey both on and off the ice.

The programme will be focusing on:

Movement / Positioning / Post work / Stick handling and playing the puck / Breakaways / Back door plays


 Click on the booking link below, and we’ll see you on the ice!

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Future Pro Sessions

Monday 1815 – 1915

Sessions are every  Monday starting from 17th of June (excluding 8th of July)

£75 Single session

£210 (3 sessions pass)